Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain...

Wrapping it up out here, I will see what is possible when i get back to WA. I want to thank everyone for thier support and encouragement.
Possible last note from Mawsil;
It's wierd when you enjoy a barrage of 10 mortars around your barracks, because you're happy they weren't used in a car bomb.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Dream On

Had a change in schedule yesterday, so my sleep schedule was off. Well it is always off but i was able to get more than usual last night. I took a three hour nap, woke at 2300 for a meeting, then read until 2am. I kept waking up because I had guard at 0500, and one time around 0330 I rolled over on my back. For some reason sleeping on my back makes things weird sometimes. I had laid there maybe five minutes when I heard my roommate talking in his sleep. He was clearly repeating what our Platoon SGT had told him earlier in the day, and mumbling what I assume his responses had been (I wasn't there for the original conversation, but heard details from Plt Sgt and others). Basically just another shifty detail (which we are good at) but with higher approval this time. Anyway he got angry or something, threw a pillow off his bed, then threw one over towards me. I tried to say "What the fuck?" but couldn't get the words out. after two tries, I finally woke up and said it out loud. My first clue should have been that he only has one pillow.

Those who learn from history are doomed to want to change it.

Anti-Piracy warning on a Jimmy Buffett CD

Two out of three Iraqi police don't like girl scout macaroons. (Based on an interview of the three working with me when a guy in a forklift gave us each a box. I let them taste one from my box, cuz they seemed reluctant to open theirs (open box lowers resale value). Chance of error 99%)

Hubble Telescope at 0552 this morning while waiting for PT formation.

Prayers for safety in travel for those rotating out here over the next month.

Monday, September 06, 2004

Eve Of Destruction, Tax Deduction

There was a show on when I lived in the states called 'Connections', showing how a bunch of seemingly isolated inventions and events were in some way connected. A lot of their dots were connected rather tenuously, others were glossed over because to fully explore the interplay between ideas and influences would take hours to connect just two dots. Cool show, hope its still around.
One of my favorite hobbies is trying to find similar notes between whatever books I have recently read. Two or three unrelated books will all touch a common topic or theme in some small way. I like to look at these as little messages. Some of these connections may be the effect of the "classics" or an earlier writer who influenced many after. While three unrelated books may have a reference to The Lord of The Rings simply because it is a part of the culture, the fact that i read these three in a row is enough for me to call it a dot.
For about a week and a half CCR was at the top of my playlist, playing "Have You Seen The Rain?" daily at least. For the last few days The Temptations have been in constant play. The seven minute "Poppa Was a Rollin Stone" always gets my dorky ass movin, thankfully most often while I am alone. "Ball Of Confusion" has a few lines in the 'unshakable jingles' part of my brain, one being the title of this post. Yesterday I realized what they meant to me. We are in the same position as a planet as we were back then.(The names have been changed to protect the guilty...) or (SSDD). But where I am right now makes the destruction seem more personal. My location also negates the tax demon from my bonus for reenlisting. They wanted to have me recommitted on Sept 11, but I know a publicity stunt when I see one. I am sure they will have a group there, and a crowd, and I would just as soon re-up in a dark room with no hoopla. I understand that bringing attention to who is staying in is used to encourage others, who always hear everyone talk about "F#&% That!, I'm getting out" (most of whom end up signing too.) My nature is to keep a low profile, and I will be reenlisting with a friend and an excellent young officer.
The other line is "...people all over the world, are shouting 'End the war!', and the band played on." Yeah the band could be the politicians and other players who keep on with their oily practices with no regard for the Peoples cries. But from where I stand, the band is me, my fellow soldiers, and the people over here who believe their efforts will result in a better Iraq. The band is also the Iraqi people, the police and defense force we work with, the students and teachers, the mothers and fathers, who know the value of their new situation, and realize that with hard work and responsibility they will once again be a country that others seek to emulate. I look at my maps and dream about these names... Babylon, Nineveh, Shanidar, Nimrud, Ur...
I've got to thank 91Ghost, I am sure that putting my link next to CB's on his post has tripled my visitors. I will try to post more often to return the favor.
I have a lightheartedness today, that comes from surviving personal trials (or possibly from watching Kate Hudson prance around in "Almost Famous"). We are all surrounded by creatures of evil and malice. I have recently survived a bout of their attention. May you survive your ordeals and be kissed with awareness and appreciation while in the peaceful eye of the storm.

Sunday, August 22, 2004

Bowling for Iraq

One thing all soldiers should take advantage of is writing companies for free stuff. Many companies will send you product through appreciation, or for permission to use your letter as a sales tool or proof they support troops. I admit I have not written a letter like this myself, but thats why the odds of getting something are so great, most people never bother. And the moral boost from getting free gear is great.
My free DVD of Michael Moore's Bowling For Columbine came in the mail today (thanks to CBFTW for the tip). It wasn't as blatantly one-sided as I expected. I had hoped to write him back "Ha-ha I got your disk for free and I think your an idiot!" but he implies on the disk i really ripped off the evil corporations he deals with to put his views out. Oh well, at least I saw a burned copy of his 9/11, instead of wasting money. (also glad the people responsible for The Bourne Supremacy didn't get a penny from me) His balance of humor and graphic violence/emotion is jerky but well timed. I liked how he managed to have Marilyn Manson come off as the sanest person he interviewed(in America). At the end I didn't know whether to join the NRA or move to Canada. For now i occupy a foreign country, writing from behind a 50 Cal with my M16 beside me(yes the truck is parked, save your lecture). The movie comes with a bonus disk, I watched Marilyn Manson's "Fight Song" video on it before I came to 'work'.
I wasn't sure when the game would be, just hoped I would get lucky and be outside at the right time. We heard a few rounds go off and they came over the radio to tell us Iraq had scored against Australia. I was praying for an Iraqi win. The FPS (Iraqi police working at our gate) were listening to the game on a little am radio, and started dancing seconds before the sky lit up with flares and tracers. It was great. Besides the occasional wondering where all these rounds were falling, everyone enjoyed the show. I know its doubtful but I really hope they win another game.
I hope if anyone ever reads this, they go out and have a beer for all us sorry sober fuckers here. Bowling is optional.

Search for Meaning

really no good reason for the name of this blogsite. It will probably be renamed if i ever get a theme, or purpose. That is if i dont just wipe the site due to paranoia or to put it out of its misery for lack of attention from creator. Some possible future sites:
Tortuga Lizardo - A Jim Morrison styled site, dealing with issues like are the lizards in our room geckos, or does Idaho just call them that cuz his last duty station was Hawaii?.
Turtle Blues - Yeah i'd be stealing the name but it has the most potential as far as quantity of content, basically just blog all the whining heard at work, or tv, and focus on spreading the gloom and misery. I could have special sections on other services, see what grunts and squids bitch about.
Tortuga Politica - A bit obvious, I take enough drugs so that i can bear to listen to the nonsense these people are shouting, and bring to light the holes in both parties propoganda.(In case you want to know how to frame your hate mail rant, i am currently a member of the Whig Party). By the way, congratulations to the brothers of Iraq the model, for getting a bit more involved.
Turtle Cove - Laid back site covering surfing, fishing, and basically just enjoying the ocean, rivers, and waterways. Lots of material there, favorite places to get (drunk, high, whatever), boating stories (good ones always involve at least one dumbass). Only problem there is I've spent all my time on the NW Florida/Alabama coast(and a few rivers around Austin) so i won't have much depth, but if I can go a little while without deploying, I can't wait to explore WA and the pacific coast. I am currently reading Jimmy Buffett's A Pirate Looks at Fifty so this one is almost serious.
Turtle Nebula - I saw the ISS go by this morning before guard, so I am pumped about all things stellar today. Would cover current events like meteor showers, the public attempts at space flight/orbit, and general astronomy. I could flesh it out with pics of earth from space, or shots from the HST. I've got that article about the saucers seen over Tehran around here somewhere...
Tortuga jihad - Track the progress of the latest global drama. Start with basic resources, MemriTV, Winds of Change, conflicts in and between countries(easier to name the few without issues). Eventually this leads to the usual suspects, Illuminaughty-Zionism-Neocon and that wacky Enlil. Someone could start an opposing site, the Infidel Inferno.
Probably better to just do a journal, see if geekiniraq is taken.
Yesterday I saw a dog sleeping out by the airfield, looks like they missed one. Today I worked the gate, saw a cute mouse, pretty well fed, creeping around the bunker. Saw a cool looking Praying Mantis this evening, and thats about it for today. Maybe tomorrow I can go somewhere and do something, if that is not copyrighted.Turtle Planet

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

stuck in the middle without you Posted by Hello

Is there anybody out there?

I'm afraid there's not much content to be found here, originally just planned to post links and eventually write posts on, whatever. But i have a problem with people wearing shirts for places they havnt been ("Hard Rock, Mawsil"), and i'd feel bad taking up web space with no post. As far as my daily routine, even I wouldn't want to read. Boring even if i didn't have CBFTW down the street in comparison. Actually his site caused me to try this, thats why i have the 'sign in' requirement for comments, to get others in on this too. Otherwise until I come up with some kind of theme this'll be a hub for my interests or for people to respond to when i post some blather on their comments page. I'll try not to clutter it up much, at this point in/on the web it is just as important to link people to things they might otherwise never see, as to provide original material that is identical to most of the dreck out there already.See you around.
To CBFTW, Baghdad Burning, A star from mosul, and everyone else out there, harry hard-on says: STAY HARD!