Sunday, August 22, 2004

Search for Meaning

really no good reason for the name of this blogsite. It will probably be renamed if i ever get a theme, or purpose. That is if i dont just wipe the site due to paranoia or to put it out of its misery for lack of attention from creator. Some possible future sites:
Tortuga Lizardo - A Jim Morrison styled site, dealing with issues like are the lizards in our room geckos, or does Idaho just call them that cuz his last duty station was Hawaii?.
Turtle Blues - Yeah i'd be stealing the name but it has the most potential as far as quantity of content, basically just blog all the whining heard at work, or tv, and focus on spreading the gloom and misery. I could have special sections on other services, see what grunts and squids bitch about.
Tortuga Politica - A bit obvious, I take enough drugs so that i can bear to listen to the nonsense these people are shouting, and bring to light the holes in both parties propoganda.(In case you want to know how to frame your hate mail rant, i am currently a member of the Whig Party). By the way, congratulations to the brothers of Iraq the model, for getting a bit more involved.
Turtle Cove - Laid back site covering surfing, fishing, and basically just enjoying the ocean, rivers, and waterways. Lots of material there, favorite places to get (drunk, high, whatever), boating stories (good ones always involve at least one dumbass). Only problem there is I've spent all my time on the NW Florida/Alabama coast(and a few rivers around Austin) so i won't have much depth, but if I can go a little while without deploying, I can't wait to explore WA and the pacific coast. I am currently reading Jimmy Buffett's A Pirate Looks at Fifty so this one is almost serious.
Turtle Nebula - I saw the ISS go by this morning before guard, so I am pumped about all things stellar today. Would cover current events like meteor showers, the public attempts at space flight/orbit, and general astronomy. I could flesh it out with pics of earth from space, or shots from the HST. I've got that article about the saucers seen over Tehran around here somewhere...
Tortuga jihad - Track the progress of the latest global drama. Start with basic resources, MemriTV, Winds of Change, conflicts in and between countries(easier to name the few without issues). Eventually this leads to the usual suspects, Illuminaughty-Zionism-Neocon and that wacky Enlil. Someone could start an opposing site, the Infidel Inferno.
Probably better to just do a journal, see if geekiniraq is taken.
Yesterday I saw a dog sleeping out by the airfield, looks like they missed one. Today I worked the gate, saw a cute mouse, pretty well fed, creeping around the bunker. Saw a cool looking Praying Mantis this evening, and thats about it for today. Maybe tomorrow I can go somewhere and do something, if that is not copyrighted.Turtle Planet


At 8:13 AM, Blogger Nome said...

Washington is great! The Pacific Northwest is an awesome area. If you get a chance, spend some time in the Olympic National Forest. And, don't forget that Oregon, Idaho and Montana are also wonderful. Of course, I'm not biased or anything, I just live here. :)
Take care,



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